Let's use 3D Printing to get more children walking

Nia is a Canadian non-profit social enterprise started by cbm (Christian Blind Mission) to develop and deploy innovative technologies that will improve lives worldwide.

What is 3D PrintAbility?

3D PrintAbility is a toolchain – combining 3D scanning, modelling and printing technologies – to fabricate high-quality mobility devices more quickly than conventional manual methods. Our aim is to provide a solution for the most undeserved kids, living in the poorest countries and communities of the world.

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About cbm

cbm is a Christian, international development organization that has been bringing hope and healing to children and families trapped in poverty by disability for more than 100 years. cbm is committed to the safeguarding of children and other vulnerable persons, working to protect them from harm and neglect. As careful stewards of our resources, we plan to spend $4.5 million in this fiscal year to raise $26.0 million to help moms, dads and children caught in the cycle of poverty and disability. Please note that if more funds are received for a particular program, project or item than required, cbm reserves the right to use the surplus funds in a like Board-approved program or project, or for a similar item.

How We Use Your Donation

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  • 82% - Life-changing Programs
  • 11% - Fundraising
  • 7% - Administration

5 year trending using audited annual financial statements . Annual statements can be found online at cbmcanada.org/financials.


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